Fall 2010 Photos

check out some photos from the past few months. we enjoyed a few family hikes and climbs and saw bill clinton roll through town.  enjoy the PHOTOGRAPHS and these PICTURES


Trail Lawyer’s College Wyoming

CLICK ME to view some pretty awesome photos of the Trail Lawyer’s College in Wyoming.


Even MORE Mushrooms!

The woods have exploded with Mushrooms!  Since we are on the look-out for Mushrooms these days, we find them everywhere.  Egan and Patrick hiked this morning and took new photos of the current crop.  To see the newest photos CLICK HERE!


Mushrooms, Mushrooms everywhere!

Its odd how things can be right in front of your eyes and yet not get noticed for the longest time.  Lately we are finding mushrooms of all sizes and colors and shapes.  We are looking forward to our September 3rd Mushroom Event here at Meanwhile, Back in Saluda.  For now, take a look at…
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Mushrooms, Mushrooms everywhere!

Since we plan a Mushroom class in September, we have watched carefully for mushrooms and we photograph them to help us remember the best locations plus we can learn from the photos.   So many Mushrooms and so little time!  Even in the dry heat recently, we found mushrooms.   To see part of our Mushroom photo…
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