Entrepreneurial Growth Blog Topic VIII

William Casey Asbill-Beck

ENT 630: Entrepreneurial Growth


Blog Topic VIII

Self Examination Question: Do entrepreneurs have a social responsibility?


What some may view as social responsibility others could view as positive investment.  Taking care of your customers and their need can go way beyond the individual’s specific experience of being in a shop, buying a product, or dealing with customer services.  Helping promote community and worldly causes is just positive investment in the environment you do business in.  Schussler’s example of this is his Rainforest Café’s protect the rainforest initiatives.  This program involves proceeds from the Rainforest Café going towards organizations that promote the restoration and preservation of tropical forest and ecosystems worldwide.  Without a rainforest, the café would not have a suitable theme for business.  Another example is Patagonia’s fair trade programs.  Patagonia is trying to add value and uniqueness through creating an all fair trade outdoor clothing line, the first of it’s kind.  Patagonia believes their customers are concerned enough about environmental issues that investing in their interest is financially worthwhile.

These philosophies and methodologies are all still suggestive of an entrepreneur having to develop a lifestyle for success.  Kindness can be it’s own form of currency and when businesses are in a startup phase or a state of growth, all forms of currency are valuable.  Actions speak louder than words, therefore investing in positive actions not only benefit the business fundamentally but builds good repudiation for the brand image.

This concludes the blog topic assignments for Western Carolina University’s Entrepreneurial Growth class.  It’s a Jungle In There by Steven Schussler was an assigned reading for the class activities.  Weekly the class members read and selected chapters to analyze and inspire their entrepreneurial creativity.  Steven Schussler is the founder and CEO of Schussler Creative, Inc. an innovative team that embraces imagination and creates theatrical hospitality venues, attractions, and experiences.  It’s a Jungle In There was an interesting read that provoked my thoughts on what it means to be an entrepreneur.


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