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William Casey Asbill-Beck

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Blog Topic VI

Self Examination Idea:  “The best way to be happy, is to make other people happy.”


Section III of Steven Schussler’s book It’s A Jungle Out There begins with the importance in being persistent.  Entrepreneurs will get told no and it is important to know how to react to it.  Having a positive attitude when it comes to being told no is important.  A negative reaction could result in eroding the business relationship.  Entrepreneurs also want to leave the door open in order to have an opportunity to turn that no into a yes.  Developing the appropriate actions and reactions is all part of marketing yourself and representing your company or brand.  A tactic for turning no’s into yes’s is to ask the question at least three times.  The first time is the initial no to a sales pitch or proposed idea.  The second time is an opportunity for an individual to change their mind.  The third time may not come until further relationship, brand, business, or program development is made, or after you jump out of a plane.

Can you experience failure and still retain the self-confidence necessary to seek success?  This is the self-examination question at the beginning of Chapter 18.  If entrepreneurs need to stay persistent while being told no, practicing hoe to learn from these no’s or failures is required.  Failure does not always need to be taken personally.  Therefore it can be viewed more similarly to feedback than criticism.

Maybe it is this train of thought that assist Schussler in never having a bad day.   He suggests that difficult decisions and being faced with adversity are part of the territory, or lifestyle, and entrepreneurs must endure.  If dealing with being told no and staying positive when receiving negative feedback or criticism is all in the day of an entrepreneur maintaining an upbeat attitude is essential.  The best way to be happy is to make other people happy.  Having a caring attitude towards all living things can assist in making friends, influencing people, building business relationships and your reputation.

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