Entrepreneurial Blog Topic VII

William Casey Asbill-Beck

ENT 630: Entrepreneurial Growth


Blog Topic VII

Self Examination Question:  How are your conflict resolution skills?


Balancing your personal needs with the needs of those in your groups is important in maintaining healthy productivity from the team.  By helping others achieve their goals, you set yourself up for success when needing to call upon assistance for yourself.  Other group members and even sometimes competitor’s goals can be mutually beneficial to everyone.  Finding ways to compromise or negotiate goals so everyone wins is an important skill to develop for entrepreneurs.

In addition to identifying and assisting with others goals, you can also do thing to make them feel special.  This is an important tactic to utilize when trying to coach teams in a productive direction.  By providing positive feedback for desired traits, you can coach people and also make them feel special.  There is value in positive reinforcement and praise.  An experience from my own business practices is a good example of little things making people feel special and the rewards were big.  In our local market, we occasionally make seating available when the adjacent café reaches capacity.  One busy evening, a regular customer inquired about reserving a seat in our shop.  Since we had never done this before it was passed of as a sort of joke, however we printed out a reserved sign with his name on it, and placed it on the table.  He was so excited for this simple gesture and the public display made him look special in our shop.  As a result, he has been a valuable repeat customer and frequently brings friends and family into the shop.  A simple gesture and investment can have valuable returns.

Helping others accomplish goals, making individuals feel special, and having an upbeat attitude are all part of an entrepreneurs job.  Managing the perspective people have on you and an individual and your respected brand or business has significant impacts.  Added value to your product and business can come through positive affiliation and actions.  It is also important to consider when handling awkward and potentially detrimental situations.

How a business or entrepreneur handle conflict determines how the individuals involved with the conflict and viewing the conflict with perceive you.  If conflict is handled gracefully it can result in positive press and a good opportunity can be created out of a potentially hazardous situation.  Conflict resolution skills are yet another trait entrepreneurs must develop and have in their toolbox.

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