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“Anything worth doing, is worth doing great.” Hunter S. Thompson


Self Examination Questions: Are you or your business replaceable?


In chapter seven of Steven Schussler’s book, It’s A Jungle In There, readers are encouraged to ask themselves if they are willing to take the extra time and effort necessary to create a product or service that is excellent rather than acceptable.  This is an important question for entrepreneurs to consider.

Schussler starts the chapter with a description of his dinner experience at a famous restaurant in Tokyo.   After sampling some food, Schussler, having an abundance of cuisine and restaurant experience, inquired about the freshness of the restaurants product.  Although the sushi was only a day old, this famous restaurant made the decision to try and get away with serving it anyway.  Schussler’s point in this story is that even if the average customer at that Tokyo restaurant wouldn’t have noticed the sushi’s lack of freshness, it is all about giving your best, even if you might get away with less.

This chapter of It’s a Jungle Out There reminds me of a learning experience from my first job washing dishes.   I had worked at this local café for several months and started to become comfortable in the work environment.  Not to suggest that I was not working hard, I just found a groove that was normal and became comfortable with it.  Over the course of a particular month, I noticed people starting to inquire about job openings.  One evening, as my boss and I were cleaning up, I asked about the job openings.  My boss explained to me there was only a hosting position open for the time being, and then bestowed a valuable idea on me.  I was told, in a manner than both inspired confidence and intimidated me, that everyone was replaceable.  The evening was wrapped up with me being told I was doing a good job and positive reinforcement like always.  The very next day I shined every pot and pan until I could see my reflection.

I took this idea that everyone was replaceable and tried to add value and uniqueness to myself, even if I was only washing dishes, that job was important to me.  I admit, at first, it was easy to take this idea personally and allow the fear of being replaced to be debilitating.  Instead, I realized my boss was being honest with me and intended to encourage excellence.


  1. Erica L. Nicole says

    Great job!! I really appreciate that you incorporated a personal experience. Adding value and uniqueness to oneself will absolutely set you a part from the pact!
    Nice blog 🙂

  2. It is so true that we are all replaceable. The sooner we learn it the better!

  3. Nadia Phillips says

    It’s very easy to get complacent in business and just go through the motions. The question you pose at the beginning and your personal story reminds us entrepreneurs to cross our T’s and dot our I’s, and to also set the expectation for our employees to do the same. Nice post!

  4. It is all about integrity in the workplace, and giving your best even when no one is watching. This can be hard do every single day (especially when “life” happens, such as lack of sleep, stress, etc.), but should be a prominent goal. Instilling integrity is difficult to do, especially in adults that have never been brought up to live in such a manner.

  5. Mitchell McDowell says


    You did a very nice job of introducing a subject area and then applying a personal story as a point of inquiry. I always enjoy blog posts that incorporate real-life examples from the author.


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