Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Radio

Asbill-Beck, William Casey

ENT610: Entrepreneurial Creation

Greatest Marketing Campaigns Assignment: Radio


Brand Name: Underwriting with WNCW

Product Type or Description: Underwriting

Campaign Title: Underwriting

Agencies: Isothermal Community College

Client: WNCW 88.7

Resources: www.wncw.org

Description: Radio made The Old Fashioned Way, live DJ’s hand picking the music you hear.

Ad Campaign Objectives: Folks say, “If you don’t like what’s playing, turn down the volume for five minutes and try again.” WNCW offers an eclectic mix of Folk, Americana, Rock, Bluegrass, Reggae, and more. Some call it “Roots” music but most just call it good music.

Target Market: WNCW-FM Spindale NC 88.7, Greenville SC 97.3FM, Charlotte NC 100.3FM & 99.1, FM Boone NC 92.9FM, WSIF Wilkesboro NC 90.9FM.

Desired Reaction: It is the mission of WNCW to advance the broadest educational goals of Isothermal Community College through the operation of a full service, professional public radio service that encourages its audience to pursue a quest for lifelong learning.

Creative Strategy: Underwriting with WNCW gives businesses the opportunity to advertise to a potentially larger local audience than other larger radio stations and the business does not have to pay to create a radio commercial because the WNCW DJ reads the advertisement live on air.


Brand Name: Ianuario Law Firm

Product Type or Description: Law Practice

Campaign Title: When a Good Time Goes Bad

Agencies: Robert Eugene Ianuario

Client: Ianuario Law Firm

Resources: https://soundcloud.com/upstate420attorney, http://ianuariolaw.com/, https://www.facebook.com/upstate420attorney

Description: “When a good time goes bad, call The Upstate 420 Attorney, Rob Ianuario 864-255-9988 As heard on The Rise Guys & 93.3 The Planet.”

Ad Campaign Objectives: To advertise their law firm and its specialized practice in representing clients charged with simple possession and driving under the influence

Target Market: Individuals charged with simple possession, DUI, and other legal issues seeking legal council and representation. Audience in the broadcasting area of 93.3 The Planet. 

Desired Reaction: The audience will relate the law firm to their specialized practice

Creative Strategy: Using humor and shock value, the law firm hopes the target audience will remember the law firm and their specialized practice in dealing with simple possession and DUI’s. Using local radio station 93.3 The Planet and naming them in the commercial, the Ianuario Law Firm can attract the local audience.


Brand Name: Help Lift the Blackout in Burma

Product Type or Description:

Campaign Title: Amnesty International Spotify Commercial

Agencies: Spotify, Red Apple Creative

Client: Amnesty International

Resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWeWJ7n1QPI, http://www.amnestyusa.org/, http://www.amnesty.org.au/crisis/comments/24008/

Description: “The playlist you are listening to has been banned…”

Ad Campaign Objectives: Partnering with community groups inside Burma, Amnesty International has developed a program to deliver radios – vital sources of information – through the military junta’s veil of oppression, directly to communities that usually receive news by word of mouth or the occasional government-censored newspaper.

Target Market: Spotify users

Desired Reaction: Donate $21 and you can buy a radio and give a whole community access to independent news and information outside Burma.

Creative Strategy: Playing during and off of Spotify playlist, users have a somewhat personalized commercial since their playlist are personalized to them, creating a positive reinforcement for the commercial. Spotify, being internet based, can have a large audience reach. Links are also provided on the Spotify website that lead straight to a donation site.


Brand Name: Upland Farmers Market

Product Type or Description: All New Upland Certified Farmers Market

Campaign Title: Where Do Carrots Come From?

Agencies: Echo Factory Radio

Client: Upland Farmers Market

Resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut_Yphi-_gc, http://www.uplandpl.lib.ca.us/

Description: “Do your children think that apples grow with stickers on them? Do they believe lettuces comes out of the ground in square plastic boxes? It’s time for this to change…”

Ad Campaign Objectives: to announce the opening of the new Upland Certified Farmers Market, advertise family friendliness, and encourage food education.

Target Market: Local families

Desired Reaction: to drive up attendance at the local farmers market, advertisement for vendors signed up to be vendors, and advertise for future vendors.

Creative Strategy: Family friendly humor is used to engage parents and make them aware of the farmers market and that it is family friendly. The market takes place on weekends when children are not in school.


Brand Name: Budweiser

Product Type or Description: Beer

Campaign Title: Real Men of Genius

Agencies: Andeiser Bush, Budweiser

Client: Bud Light

Resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_W96wCck7U

Description: “Here’s to you real man of genius…”

Ad Campaign Objectives: Use humor and social stereotypes to create brad recognition and a following.

Target Market: working, blue collar, males

Desired Reaction: to build a positive relationship with their specific target audience

Creative Strategy: by celebrating the Average Joe, the target audience through personal connection, positive reinforcement, and public recognition of sorts will remember the brand

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