Meanwhile in Spring

┬áMeanwhile, Back in Saluda, its Springtime! After a mild winter we are welcoming the new spring blossoms with joy. Here at Meanwhile we have our tomatoes, basil, peppers and more safe and warm indoors while we anxiously wait for the last chilly weather to disperse. Soon it will be time to plant, water, and enjoy what will be Meanwhile’s largest crop so far!

Aside from gardening, we have several other spring projects we are pumped to have underway! A new dry stacked wood fired brick oven has been installed at the Cabin and a clearing has been made for a Cob oven site at Meanwhile’s Home office. With these new ovens we look forward to hosting cooking and building classes.

Springtime brings out the fresh green beauty Mother Nature has hidden through winter. Meanwhile, Back in Saluda we have found edible mushrooms like oysters, turkey tails, and morels. The trillium, fire on the hillside, mountain laurel, rhododendron, tulips, sycamores, poplars, and so many wildflowers one can’t keep track have popped up and more are still working their way out of the ground.

The warm weather and spring showers are not only helping the garden but giving new life to the surrounding areas. Biking and running has never been more exciting here in Saluda. Endless loops are available for road bikers and runners alike, or if mountain biking and trail running are your thing, we have new and improved trails on site. The Green River Gameland Preserve also offers amazing trails for hiking and biking with views and the Green River Gorge and the Green River itself.

Meanwhile, Back in Saluda, on the local Green River the paddling has been taken up a level. Warm weather encourages more paddlers to get in the water and help newcomers explore the sections of the Green River for the first time. The world famous Green River Narrows is also more alive than ever. With its growing popularity, the buzz of the Green River Narrows Race always in the air, and on April 28th, 2012 we will witness Jerry’s Battle. Jerry’s Battle is a race held in Saluda, North Carolina. Competitors will first race down the Green River Narrows maneuvering their white water kayaks down class 5 and 5+ rapids only to jump out of their boat and endure a 26+ mile bike ride consisting of biking up the Green River Cove and through Saluda, NC!

So whether you are ready to sit on the front porch, watch a spring shower roll over the Hogback mountains relax and enjoy a meal cooked in our authentic wood fired oven, or, explore the trails, Saluda’s historic railroad, or the rivers and creeks, Saluda is the place for you.

Meanwhile, Back in Saluda we are having fun and welcoming spring back to the area!

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