getting my grown man on

the past year has been quite a sucess as far as finding adventre, mis adventure, and avoiding joining the “real world.”  I returned from the last leg of my adventures and have actually settled in a general location for more than a month.  After getting back from Colorodo, Zach and i both hit the job market quick.  Everyone who partook in the past years adventure is now getting their grown man on as i like to call it.  Josh is exploring more pottry skills and doing manual labor here there and yonder.  Zach is now empolyed at Poppy’s, an organic and fresh grocery store, and he assists me with my manual labor days out in saluda form time to time.  Steven has been working for an outdoor thearapy program and we see him on his weeks off and when he is not trying to woo his lady friend.  Finally, i started GRE prep classes to prepare for the future education i’d like to dive into, not sure where or exactly when but rough game plan is to head back to school after this coming year of work, so enrolment for 2011.  I scooped up a real job, well close to real, at the Rush fitness center.  I run the rock wall area of their gym as a Rock Specialist.  also, i’m still doing my thing around asheville and saluda to make some extra dough on the sides.  What else exciting, well, graduation took place so congrats to those who are free (sort of) from Brevard College.  Other than that, it has been interesting to settle down, get a job, start work, start class again, and plan for a future that dosn’t have an exciting adventure attatched to it… well ______ (you choose the word) that!

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