With so much drama in the LBC

its kinda hard being Jackson, Zach, josh Mal and Casey.  it took Zach and i 3 days to get to California.  After visiting paw paw, trying to repel in red rocks, almost freezing in Flagstaff, and more driving, we made it to the California state line.  We called Jackson, he was responsible for housing us that evening and we missed him.  Jackson fed us instructions which we lazily plugged into Garmin.  “With so much drama in the LBC its kinda hard being Jackson Zach and Casey.”  Long beach it was, we made it there after a whole day of driving, it should not have taken a whole day but we got lost a few times, Garmin almost got curb stomped that day.  We pulled into a round about lined with restaurants, we could also now see the Pacific Ocean.  Jackson came strutting towards the car and he jumped right in, in fact on top of Zach, the car was to full for us to drop a seat.  acting like sardines we made it to the official parking lot for the docks.  Zach and i grabbed our stuff and Jackson escorted us to his tall ship.  Now, Jackson is currently residing in Long Beach California getting his inner pirate on.  He works on a tall ship, sometimes with kids, and studies some marine biology.  He called his capitan and sweet talked us a spot on the ship for the evening.  We hung out, toured his boat, the area, and secret compartments here and there, just Jackson, Zach, myself, and our friend Jim.  Next morning we cooked up some breakfast, talked to the crew, then headed out on Highway 1 to San Francisco to get Josh and Mal who were flying in the next morning.  Zach and i made great time, saw Highway 1 and Big Sur, we drove into the night, then started our search for camp.  All of a sudden cars lined the road just parked on the sides.  The road had been closed because of a rock slide!  we hit a dead end witch meant driving a whole hour and a half backwards!  we both sat there for a few moments, staring and being grumpy, i turned around, gritted my teeth and was about to drive like a bat out of hell.  Headlights, i saw them in my mirror and they were coming threw the closed area, i waited, curious as to how they got there.  we got our creep on and waited for the approaching whip to pass.  they closed in and stopped, it was a group of travelers, they explained how they just drove through and it was good to go, they wished us luck and drove off.  Zach and i looked at each other and said “have sexual relations it.”  I got my creep creep on and drove around rocks, tractors, cones, and reflectors but, we made it to the other side but not without getting scared by an oncoming vehicle which looked like it was doing the same thing as us so I’m sure we scared them as well.  we made camp on the other side of the road block.  Next morning we tossed the tent in the car and drove to the airport, we were right on time and after a little loitering in the airport josh and mal ran into us.  we grabbed bags and went to the closest park where we literally tossed everything out of our car and started mass organization.  thanks to the mad skills of Mallory we got most everything neatly packed and everyone found a seat in the car.   now it was time to play, phone call to Emily, a slacklining extraordinaire and friend.  she came to find us and we combined forces for the day.  Emily, her cali friends and ourselves set up a longline, about 100 yards across the park, as well as a rope line dangled from two trees and a normal/primitive line.  we stretched our legs after planes and cars it was a good thing, said goodbye, hugged, filmed and then drove our separate ways.   Next up, will our gang find shelter? water? will they kill each other? have bad group dynamics? is there enough gear? what tent will they use? who will be sleeping where? who will call little spoon? will Mallory get jealous when Zach, Josh and Casey start to cuddle?  all these questions will be answered or ignored + new photos in the next exciting blog…

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