This is rediculous. What are we going to do?


and that’s what we did.  So, whilst still traveling in New Zealand josh proposed a ridiculous idea of driving from NC to Cali then to Colorado and back to NC.  the point of this expedition was to travel, climb, play, do a few job interviews, see some friends, and pick other up from airports.  I liked this idea, another opportunity to travel, but i knew i would need help, i needed a companion to assist me for the trip out there, cause lets be honest who wants to drive cross country by themselves and whats a road trip without a crew.  I sent word threw the Internet land the i needed a partner in crime and the only one to answer this call was Zach.  this brave soul put all his plans to the side, he cleared his busy schedule, packed his belongings, kissed his girl goodbye and come to my aid.  let the road trip commence!  in the newly pimped out Honda Pilot, full of gear, tents, boots, food, alcohol, and block rocking beats courtesy of the free XM radio, we peeled out.  Onward to our first stop, my grandpa’s place in Missouri.  He greeted us late that evening, housed us, fed us, and schooled us on travels and guns.  He laid down some words of wisdom about life and travel before we left and went straight to our next stop, a red rocks park that we happened to find.  More driving, and some more, we drove through back country roads full of strange signs advertising babies for sale, no bumping, Kum and Go gas, and the FAG corporation.  Still driving we snuck through some Indian reservation but saw no Indians, except at the gas station in the fake tee pees.   We decided it was time to make a stop, maybe see some sites outside of the car for part of the day, just about that time we passed by a sign saying Grand Canyon.  heading that direction we passed a mini grand canyon, which was awesome, then made it to the real thing, we paid 20 bucks to get us and the car into the park, and then went to the viewing area.  Intro lots of snow, i guess its karma since i have not dealt with any snow this year, it blocked out the view and we couldn’t see a damn thing!  deciding to cut out losses we drove through Grand Canyon National Park to Zach’s family friends house located about an hour south of the canyon.  We had tried to camp outside before we considered bothering Zach’s connection but, after getting to the camp zone setting up and getting a fire going the snow came again.  Fearful of being snowed in, packed up, and had to 4 wheel drive that pilot out of the snow, mud, and forest. We made it out and onward with the goal of making some bread for the road, warm food, and get more water.  after mingling with family friends we bounced and headed towards Jackson, next up LA and Cali!

well the computer is dying so here are some photos and more post to explain the rest of the story later

let the road trip commence part 1 photos

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