he was a travelin man

well here we go again.  every time i get the feeling this is the last adventure, another one is created.  This time, i’m back to California but the south part, as well as yosemite!  we will get to see jackson, climb, pick up josh and mal, see Colorado, get some jobs, the whole works.  zach and i leave tomorrow morning at 8 for Paw Paw’s house.  we will eventually get there and then continue of till cali and jackson.  josh and mallory get picked up on the 10th.  then to Yosemite and Colorado after.  zach and i finished packing this evening, did some epic sledding in the snow, and said our see you laters to our friends and family.  so, here we go again, another trip, another opportunity to grow, learn, take some photos, enjoy some adventure, and you can follow all the shenanigans right here in the blog along with picture to accompany the outrageous stories.  enjoy and our first photos and post will arrive soon, wish us luck and maybe we will even wind up on your couch for an evening.

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