Wow, its been a little to long since I was able to get a post on so there is to much to get all into one post, but I’ll do my best and let the photos do more of the talking that I should. Lets get started, last time you read I was leaving NZ and heading back towards Australia. Well we made it there just fine, got a ride to the Westend Backpackers Hostel and spent a few nights there. Also, I had my birthday on the 9th of February at the hostel, for those festivities I checked out the red light district of Sydney, not that exciting I will admit, and the next morning went for a great run through the park, over the bridge and back, I played on the internet, and got myself a new journal, some clap sticks, and saw Avatar! That was a cool movie and it helped that I saw it on the world’s larges IMAX screen in 3D. After all that it was time to hit up Hawaii, so peace out Australia it was fun. Long and not great flight over, we were crammed in and the plane sucked, I only slept for 1 hour so when we landed I was way out of it. We landed in Honolulu, Aloha, and boogied to the other terminal to catch a stand by flight to Maui. In all the confusion of bags, stand bys, and my being jet lagged I lost my hat. I have not gotten over that yet and continue to bother the airport people every day in hopes it will show up. Moving on before I cry, we flew to Maui and the Hawaii trip really starts there. We scooped up a car and cruised to our hotel room for the evening, checked out the area, got some groceries, and slept. We quickly hooked up with John, Lucy’s friend from working at High Rocks, who is living here and working for Pacific Whale Watchers Company. He offered up his place for a few nights and even got us on a whale watch tour, and I saw whales it was awesome. Next, we did the drive to Hana and took in some great sights. After spending a few nights with john, we left to go explore the other side of Maui, and along the way checked out Jaws, an epic surf spot which gets 70-foot waves under the right conditions! Other side of Maui, we stayed with another of Lucy’s friends, Jimmy, he also happened to work with Pacific Whale. He took us out to check out The Bay, another epic surf location, lots of surfers there that day, an area where Jurassic Park was filmed, some great rocks and blowholes as well. Later that night we took in sunset, saw a huge slip n slide built on the beach, did a little slackline (till the fake po po shut me down), and then poached some hot tubs and pools and the hotels nearby. Finally, I found Willie Nelsons bar and got a drink. Good stuff, now not so good stuff, the next day we just chilled, we were supposed to go paddle, however jimmy’s roommate did not pick us up for that endeavor. So, I went for a run, Lucy started with the beach, next, I was alone at the house, had to much fun and decided to head butt a door and wall straight up, enjoy those photos, don’t laugh to much. I iced my face that day and watched movies on my computer, so there that day is. We left quickly the next morning, it was time to go anyhow, but our situation was hastened by comments made my jimmy’s drunken roommate the night before about wanting us to get kicked out and how she hated having people crash there. We explored on our own and made it up to the tallest peak on Maui, a volcano. We spent the night in the park area for the volcano saw sunset then sunrise the next morning, it was cold. We flew out the day of the sunrise so we drove around some more, did a gear breakdown, re packed, then got to the airport to fly to the Big Island. Did that adventure successfully, got a new vehicle, then hit up the hotel again. We started in Kona, and explored downtown, very touristy, but found the Kona Brewing company and enjoyed a pizza and a few drinks there. Left the next day for, well we didn’t know, but I called my friend Patrick, from Brevard, and when I got him on the phone he invited us to Hilo to chill. So that’s where we went, we drove the long way around, saw a green sand beach, a sweet volcano, we are going back there, and eventually made it to Hilo, where we meant up with Patrick in time for his 26th birthday party! Today we saw a black sand beach, more of town, and rested from the party times the prior evening. Tomorrow, we have a to sit in on the THC ministry’s orientation after that, we shall see. So, there it is, a brief best of and enjoy the story and photos. See everyone in a week!


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