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quick update, we parted ways with josh and mal on the 2nd of Frebruary, we helped them out with a few food drops, spent out last night making sushi together, played battleship from the two tent and then dropped them off at the free camp in Takaka.  Also, we got some more bonding time with them when we had an internet party at the library then, after a few other errands to get out of town, we had a flat tire, so that got fixed.  We drove reasonably far that evening, we got 20km from Hokatika.  From there, we boogied all the way to Queenston and even had time to stop at the glaciers along the way.  in Queenston we found some bikes, a specialized hardrock pro, and a specialized pitch, neither of witch can come close to my enduro!  but we had fun and the bikes kicked our asses.  we hit up Seven Mile twice, did a loop around a few towns that took all day, and a ride out to Masetown.  well enjoy the driving photos, there are sadly not many of the biking since i fell down a whole lot i decided to not risk breaking the camera, but lucy has some photos we can see later.  so wish us luck flying again and next time i get online i’ll be in Sydney.

Queenston PHOTOS

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