well, we were heading to Able Tasman, and we were close, but on the way there, we went passed it, and ran into Payne’s Ford.  This is the climbing area we had been keeping our eyes out for but were never really sure where it was.  We were also right down the road from Takaka, a hippy town we had been told to stop by,  and there was free camping.  the campsite, located next to the bridge, was a nice, but free, camping site.  we made it home for the next 4 days.  We climbed Payne’s Ford, we met a large group of people from asheville and the surrounding areas, other climbers were talking about the invasion of NC and asheville, we were able to borrow climbing rope and  some sport climbing equipment on two occasions, went hiking, exploring, and then rested.  Today is the last day we get to spend with Josh and Mal, we did food drops for their 2 week hiking adventure, we organized gear, and now we are having an internet party before we part ways.  sad panda.  Lucy and i are planning to drive down south and see fox glacier, before that use lewis pass to get to the west coast again, see the milford sound, queenstown and then be back in christchurch to mail a box home, some cards, some trinkets, and catch a flight out on the 7th.

some info about the photos,

the first part shows us teaching our hitchiking irish friend Hillary, he reminded me of a character Guy Richie would have tossed into a film, we taught him how to make Mallory/Libbygoods.  Next up, the Payne’s Ford climbing area, starts with a great traverse over a water pool, there is a permanent slackline in place, bouldering, hiking, sport routes, even some wild blackberries that made a nice pie.  then we move to Pahara, another great location for sport climbing, and we found Jaques Coustaues old ship, which is now a coffee bar.  We ended the night with Mal and I doing a naked moonlight climb of a sport route with a bell on the top, a nice NZ 16 climb.  After all the climbing, we took a rest day and explored a river bed josh read about in a geology book.  the following day we went back and hiked to the top of the mountain where the river was.  and now, we have done food drops, made plans, and started planning yet another adventure.


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