Rocks! Rocks! Rocks!!!

New Zealand!  We started in Christchurch in a 4 star hotel and left instantly for the dirtbag tour of NZ.  We packed our gear, took what food we had, gear, and some odds and ends from the hotel (toilet paper, soap) and headed out of town.  on our way out of course we realised we needed a few more things, such as, a way to cary water for several days (refillable jugs), more bulk food, cash money, and a chilly bin (cooler).  then to Aurthur’s Pass, “I am king Arther, King of the Britains!”  We went to the first cool looking spot we saw, Foggy Mountain, climbed it, and spent the night there, we now know why it is called foggy mountain and we learned that NZ gets cold, not like Australia.  We played cards in the tent, learned how to play spades, i cooked a cold dinner over an emergency stove.  then we slept, and hiked out, wet and cold, the next morning.  Next up, we say Castle Rock and spent two days there.  We made camp up the road for those nights and stealth camped in the woods next to a stream.  After Castle Rock and climbing we boogied up the road and to the West Coast.  We picked up some hitch hikers along the way and took them to Greymouth which was a cool trip.  there, we stocked up on more essentials, got Petrol for the stove, and then started driving again.  We made camp on the beach and enjoyed the sounds of the ocean, we even jumped in, relaxed, made a great fire, maybe even danced around it naked for a while.  Josh went running this morning and found some muscles, so we only ate one each, with Mallory being the safe person who did not eat it in case we all got ill.  They were good and nobody got sick.  We have been driving today, exploring the pancake rocks, and heading closer to Marrion’s place.  We are in Westport now muching Internet from the library.  ok enjoy the photos and more blogging to come later.


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