Links to Videos taken in Australia

Hello again, Patrick was nice enough to toss the last post (which i’m not re doing to add some more details), and he can be thanked for a large part of the technical knowledge as far as blogs, pictures, movies, youtube, and that fun stuff since it is all starting to make me feel old trying to keep up.  so, we got josh and mal at 12:45 last night.  it was hard to sleep but we all ate some food, stinky cheese, bread, salads, and had a beer.  sleep time, now wake up, hot breakfast and then we head out.  everyone is excited to get going and head into the woods.  We are currently listening to Flight of the Concords to get in the NZ mood.  The game plan for now is to start heading out way to Marion’s place which is around Wesport, and we will get there via Arthur’s Pass.  We have been told over and over it is a beautiful drive and area so we can’t wait.  well, we are off now, it is check out time.  wish us luck and as we can mooch wireless i’ll keep putting up photos and blogs.  but in the mean time enjoy what videos i could get online.  there are some old ones up as well from the Mason Jar Adventures like paddling and playing at Cliftop.  Enjoy and hopefully we can turn it all into a sweet and tasty video by the end of it all. the link is below or in youtube just try searching my handle (if that is the proper cyber savvy term for internet name) “aFlyingEmu”


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