bye bye Australia

we will meet again on February 7th.  Today, lucy and i enjoyed sleeping in some, like 7:30 to 8:00 is sleeping in at this point.  We caught a shuttle into town and explored for the better part of the day.  i got to try some Gelato, i tried pistachio, honeycomb, and pavlova, they were all amazing.  Also, i finished up the Kitchen Confidential book a little while back so, i’m holding on to it since lucy wants to read it, and i scooped up Gulliver’s Travels since it was on sale at the bookstore.  Tomorrow at 1230 we will leave for the Cairns airport, fly out around 300 get to Melbourne in time to catch the flight out of the country with josh and mal to NZ.  i am very excited, Australia has been fun, however it will be nice to get into the woods some more, explore, bike, hike, climb, play, and do a little more of our own thing.  So, wish us safe and on time travels, more updates to come, and until next time here are some diving and rafting photos.

WATERSPORTS <————————- (photos)

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