into the Jungle

we made it out of the transit center on time and went to Magnetic Island.  I’ll start there, in order to get to Magnetic Island we had to take the bus, then walk around 2-3 kilometers (the next bus was pricey and we are bad-asses), pay for a ferry to the island, then pay for housing on the island.  so, this would not have been so bad had we maybe been spending more than one night there, we arrived very late, and to be honest there is not much to do on the island other than rent cars and drive around or take guided tours.  Also, the Magnums branch of hostels is just not really up to snuff.  But, we relaxed, cooked on a BBQ grill, and i caused a commotion by climbing to the nearest and tallest peak i could find and waving my pirate flag around.  Next day we left, did the ferry, walk, and bus again, and made it to Mission Beach.  Absolute Hostel in Mission Beach was a welcomed change since they picked us up from the transit center, had proper cooking conditions (not just a BBQ and you had to rent equipment), and they allowed topless sunbathing! (but no one took part, but still the idea was nice) After getting some much needed rest, we woke up at 7:00 and did what we needed to in order to get picked up form the hostel by R&R rafting by 7:30.  After gathering up some more rafting participants from other hostels, we headed for the Tully river where we went through the normal rafting commotion, shoe requirements, PFD, safety talk and video, and corny raft jokes on the way to the river.  Once at the river we were introduced to Yasu our raft guide, he has been guiding for 5 years, some in Australia and some in japan.  There are photos posted and video will come soon.  rafting was great, it was sad to see the river so low however, it reminded me of the drought and how it effected the french broad.  Also, i got to test out that awesome head camera for the first time (this was a real test not just using it as a hand camera) and it was rocking.  End of trip, back to R&R, tipped Yasu (that’s apparently a big deal over hear), had a beer with him, talked nerdy boater talk and camera talk to the guides and staff, then got dropped off at the hostel.  We left the following day and boogied towards Cairns.  We arrived around 7:30 p.m. on the 9th, i believe ( we are on holiday so time and dates have left the building), and got picked up in the pouring rain (its the rainy season now) and went to Serpents which is part of a chain called Nomads, all of the Nomads we have encountered or heard about so far are very nice.  Lucy and i had the room to ourselves that night which was nice since it was quiet.  Wake up at 6:30 a.m. and called the Jungle Tours company, i had called the night before to just work out a few details and the after hours lady was rather unpleasant and let me know she could not do anything.  So, called at 6:30 to fix things, i did, and we were off at 7:30 after breakfast, which is free at this hostel and even though it is just cereal, toast, and tea/coffee that is quite a luxury.  Met Frasier, he runs the Jungle Tour we participated in and boats and is just a cool gentlemen.  He ran us by the Exotic Animal exhibit, Lucy held a koala, i got photos, next up rain-forest walk, very cool, swam in river there, talked to Frasier about kayaking, got more photos, next up Crocodile river tour, lunch, and Frasier gave a Didgeridoo lesson, i got even more photos.  The whole tour was fast paced and lots of fun.  Frasier was even nice enough to slip us the leftover food form lunch and his phone number so maybe we can get  drink with him while in Cairns.  We stayed at Fern-tree hostel, check out the beach the next day, i got Lucy to go on a run with me, i finally got a ripe coconut (it took climbing several trees, i can now husk one by hand, and crack them by hand properly, and tell when they are ripe and for what), and we did a exotic fruit tasting tour.  the tasting tour was well, tasty, the couple who runs it just grows exotic fruits, and does the tasting, they are planning on heading to Georgia soon and start the Appalachian Trail in the beginning of April.  more and more rain, which I’m ok with.  Now we are finally back at Serpent, we have decided to stay here until the 14th when we head out for NZ.  tomorrow we go diving in the Great Barrier Reef then we have the rest of the time to chill and explore.  well, bed time now, wake up at 6:45 so we can eat and get to the dive site.  enjoy the photos and I’ll keep taking them.

JUNGLE PHOTOS and then some

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