…and a happy New Year!

well last time i checked in it was Xmas time and we were in Brisbane about to start the portion of our Wicked travel adventure.  After Brisbane we took a bus up to a place called Noosa Head, which is one of the most expensive places to live in Australia so we have been told.  A gentlemen named Allen picked us up at the bus station, along with a few others, and he escorted us out to Gagaju Bushcamper.  Allen used to be the head chef for the Chariton Hotel chain and has done quite a bit of traveling himself since he was sent to all their hotels to cook from time to time.  While on the van ride to the campsite, he gave us a great little blurb about the area, what we would be doing, and how we needed sandwich baggies to put our cameras and valuables not to get wet in, then he explained to some who wanted to know what a baggie was by telling them to look at what their or their friends weed was stored in.  it was a great tropical type place in the bush as they call it here where we camped, played cards, did some exploring, saw some wild kangaroos and paddled in the entrance to the everglades.  We paddled in these old, heavy, tub like canoes up river the first day to a lake, then took a 30 min walk to the beach where we hung out and played in the ocean for a while.  Our group consisted of about 15 other people or so, some of which we have run into on other adventures.  The second day we paddled down river to a small beach town where we got rained on most of the time, because of the weather only about half the group did not join us.  Despite the rain and weather, our group had a great time, got wet, then walked to the pub, which also happened to be one of the oldest hotels in the area, it used to be a place for loggers to hang out at as well.  so, we drank, some more than others, and waited for the rain to pass by, which it did, and then we paddled back to camp.  After the Gagaju experience we took another bus up to Hervey Bay.  We made it later in the evening and a shuttle was waiting to take us to Palace Adventures where we would stay and then get briefed at 7:00 in the morning for the Frasier Island trip.  Wake up at 6:30 a.m. (we usually wake up around 5:00 a.m. anyway b/c that’s when the sun is up and it get hot and bright), we eat, pack a small day pack, store our big packs, and get the low down on whats about to go down.  We were quickly told the do’s and don’ts (which after the trip we realised were just scared tatics so we would not crash and burn their cars), we were given our groups, had to come up with 1000$ insurance for their car which 500 could be cash the other could be credit.  After finagling money, our group made a grocery and day trip plan (thanks WLEE) hit the store, and drove off in their 4 wheel drive tank.  Group 2, that was our name and it was a group, a great group, of Lucy and i plus 6 others.  We made it to the car shop where our group gear was located, a tent, cooking stuff, coolers, tarps (no rope), and  water jug to small to get in the 1 gallon a day recommended for each person per day.  anyway, fast forward through the packing and group forming to the barge.  45 minute ride to the island where once off it was every car for themselves.  we quickly deflated some tires (our tires for the sand not the other vehicles) and haled ass out of there.  we made it to camp first, set up, cooked a great session of BBQ on vegi burgers, and then started drinking.  We would have swam in the ocean but it is infested with blue ball/bell jellyfish and tiger sharks breed there as well.  Therefore we had to walk about 15 minutes up the beach to a fresh water stream that was naturally treated by the sand and flowed into the ocean at a great rate, you could actually lay in the stream and it would eventually take you to a pool at the ocean side.  it rained the first night, bonding experience in the rain, slept, i got up at 6:00 and started running at 6:30, i went about 9 kilometers.  Got up, ate cereal, eggs, then cleaned, and started driving north on 75 mile beach to Indian Head rock where we could see in all directions, and could watch tiger sharks swim and stingrays.  we left notes on the other groups vehicles on where to meet up for New Years that night.  Drove south after that, doing lunch in the bouncing car, and camped just north of Lake Woby, we hiked there, then went back, and cooked new years dinner in the rain.  Now, i have seen some fun and creative stuff through my WLEE and outdoor play, but i have to give it up to our group.  we started cooking, and it started raining, so lucy and i dawned rain coats and kept cooking for everyone, they wanted to help so… they moved the car, i gave them my slackline, they tied up tarps on the car and trees, then, while still connected and on fire Lucy kept cooking while two guys lifted to stove and gas to carry it under our large tarp set up.  We were wet, we got dry, we kept cooking, we popped open bubbly number one and shot it at the other groups who had to watch our group in action and I’m sure were jealous (they were talking about how bad ass we and our tent party was in the bathrooms the following day) then after we ate they came over to our tent to party.  it stopped raining at 11:00 and then everyone was to drunk to care i lit up sparklers (we were the only group with fireworks as well) and then at the stroke of 12:00 (the first one that is, there were several count downs due to all the different counties being represented) and a large group of people, (we had 4 palace trucks, and 3 koala trucks camping together) got naked and ran to the ocean.  1:00 most people went to be since we had been getting up at 5 or 6 for two days now.  Day 3 (whew) drove to Lake Mckenzie and swam all day, then drove to the barge we thought we were going to get on, turns out, the palace people gave us a different ticket than our itinerary stated and we had to designate our best driver to boogie tilt all an hour south to try and catch the barge, so we drove fast, but safe and just barley made it.  then we all got together at Palace hostel, got out deposit back, and ate leftovers.  and now we are here, i’m charging electronics, uploading pics, and just relaxing, i may go for a quick jog, since we have an all night bus ride to Whitesunday island.  8:30 tonight we take a Premier bus up to the island, arrive at 9:30 tomorrow morning, and get on a sailboat called Freight Train for 2 days and 2 nights. then… we will see what happens.  HAPPY NEW YEARS and here are the pics.

————————> PHOTOGRAPHS <——————————-

p.s. i am putting up the infamous “nude man” photo since there are lots of people who are in it and want to have it for the memories of the good times, sorry if anyone is offended but i’m sure you have seen a penis before, consider it art.

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