Happy Winter Solstace

We are in Brisbane at the Base Brisbane Hostel, we have spent some time checking out the city, and had a great time cooking xmas dinner.  we made salad with some raw and sauteed vegis.  i grilled up some salmon and lucy did the same to some chicken.  after several days of walking, playing, and touring we needed some fresh foods and protein.  today, Christmas, we spent several hours in the park, i set up a slackline, we slapped some goon, and enjoyed the day.  now we are just resting up, charging cameras and computers, and watching White Boys Can’t Jump with several members of the hostel.  we are going to cook the rest of our fresh foods up tonight so we don’t have to travel with it all.  next stop is Noosa and we catch a bus tomorrow.  well, back to the movie and check out the new… PICTURES

Merry Christmas

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