How to put up the Best Christmas Tree Ever!

First: You get a Chain Saw and a whole Loaf of French Bread

We celebrated our Winter Solstice Tree and Gifts early this year.  Casey was leaving for Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii (see his Travel Blog for diary notes and photos) and so we shared gifts early.  For several years now we have cut our Tree from the row up at our Sled Hill House.  The trees are huge, too big to bring inside but…being the Chain Saw Fans and Pyromaniacs we are… was not too daunting to cut down a big’un, chain saw it to death, haul the parts home and..…after setting some of it on fire in the firepit outside….we select a branch or three to bring inside and decorate.  This year the process required a whole loaf of French Bread to sustain Egan plus two cameras and one video camera for Patrick.  I won’t even mention all the knives, chain saws, hack saws, and other weapons that went to the end of the road to help.  During the massacre, our good neighbor John (who heard all the shouting and chain saw screaming) drove up the hill to see who was killing what.  We had to leave a full half the tree on the ground up there to cut for firewood later which caused seven calls from neighbors who reported the “felling” and theft of our tree.  We got it inside, decorated, cooked a good dinner, opened Champagne and gifts.  We all agree it is The Best Christmas Tree Ever… least until next year.  To see photos of the 2009 Christmas Tree Adventure CLICK RIGHT HERE!