December Snow 2009

On Friday, December 18th, the boys and I were at the Asheville House when suddenly and without much warning, came a Big Snow!  Really Big Snow.  We threw, literally, our things into the car (which was no small event since both Patrick and Egan had to take computers, camera gear and school bags plus clothes) and started out.  I had to switch to 4-wheel drive before the half-way mark.  It was scary but pretty awesome too.  It was the hardest and thickest snow I have ever seen (except for Zermatt, Switzerland on Thanksgiving 1984!) and the roads were covered fast.   We dumped Patrick and his gear off at Ty Underwood’s house and Egan and I made it to Saluda House.  Danny was on the way but we warned him he could not get his car to the house.  Danny got into Saluda, his car stuck, and the Police drove him out here.  Thank goodness.   Foolishly I tried to drive the Blue Car to the end of Austin Lane but got it stuck too.   Egan, Danny and I had a blast playing in the snow and on Sunday we were able to get to Patrick and bring him home.  It was fun – still is.   It is now…..Thursday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) and the boys were still able to Sled down our Cabin Road this morning.   To see my Favorite Snow photos CLICK HERE!