Dancing Spring Learning Co-Op Holiday Party

Today was my Holiday party for my Friday class.  My Friday class is called Dancing Springs Learning Co-Op and it at a Farm in Barnardsville.  This was our Holiday session and I made many gifts by hand for family and friends.  We did crochet, felting, bees wax candle making, beading, wood burning, knitting and more.  I enjoyed the crafts but I also enjoyed meeting new friends and playing outside.  They have a creek, gardens, a trampoline and a Zip Wire.  Mom was not too thrilled about the last two but she gave me permission and so far I have not broken anything.  Dancing Springs also has a real Tipi structure in the yard for classes and we also have class in a Yome.  A Yome is a building that was invented by my teacher’s husband.  He has Red Sky Shelters and you can learn about Yome’s here:

Last week there was so much snow we could not have class.  Today we still could not drive to the farm since there was too much snow.  We had our class at the Red Sky Shelters building and got to see how they build the Yome.  We painted our own wrapping paper, did some more beading, sang and made a CD of our songs.  My brother Patrick did the recording and made everyone a CD.  Then we wrapped up some gifts, ate some cookies and then I went to lunch with Mom, Dad and Patrick.  I will start back to Dancing Spring Classes in January.

To see the pictures from our Holiday Party CLICK RIGHT HERE!