Well it snowed here.  Last Friday me and Mom and Patrick were at the Asheville house and Mom looked out the window and shouted for me and Patrick to get everything in the car quick.  This was at 6:55 in the morning so it was quite a shock.  We drove towards Saluda but only a little way on the Interstate we had to switch and use 4-Wheel drive since the snow was heavy.  We left Patrick at Ty’s house and we made it home just in time.  Then, we found out that Dad was on the way even though Mom told him the car would not make it.  Dad had to ditch the car in Saluda and 2 Police in a jeep 4-Wheel drive drove Dad all the way out here.  On Saturday, Mom thought we could make the drive to the end of the road but the blue Suburban got stuck in the snow on Austin Lane.  That was a fun experience too.  I went sledding, we took a hike, Mom went on a long hike alone on the Riddle property.  On Sunday we got the car out and picked up Patrick.  He and I went “body sledding” down Cabin Road and it was great fun.  Click Here