Chop Wood and Build an Outdoor Oven too:

Last week Casey and a friend came over to help us chop some wood.  We had cut down a tree and so we chopped it up.  We used the Log Splitter for a while but then it broke.  Zack and Casey stacked it all up neatly and then we had to just stop since it was too hard to split it all with an ax.  I did cut some old dry wood pieces for the Outdoor Oven and the firepit with the Ax.  Next we built the new Outdoor Oven.  My Mom got mad and fired all the cement block and stone men when they showed up three weeks ago with no tools and no sense at all in their brains.  So for now we are just building the Dry Stack Oven back and next spring we will find someone with some sense to help build the permanent ovens. Click Here