i feel like flying

hello again, its about time to start the blog up for the Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii adventures.  Lucy and i are through airport security and the mom’s have left, we have about two hours to kill before we need to worry about boarding.  so the game plan for today, well the next few days, is to make it safely to Sydney.  We started at Asheville, woke up at 630 to clean, eat, and get in the car.  Picked up Lucy and her mom then boogied to the Greenveile/Spartenburg airport, where we are currently kicking it.  At 11:45 am on December 15 2009 we leave greeneville and fly to FT Worth Dallas.  Next up we survive Dallas and at 540 pm on December 15th we soar to Los Angeles.  Finally, we leave LA at 22:30 for Sydney.  We are scheduled to land in Sydney on December 17th at 8:20 a.m. their time, you can do the math and figure out what it will be here because we will be 15 hours ahead.  Hopefully we can make it form the airport in Sydney to the hostel and there we can take a  break, or sleep whatever.  wish us luck and watch out for the pictures, movies, and all the excitement

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