Casey and Lucy leave for Australia, New Zealand & Hawaii!

Well – they are OFF for the next Journey.  At least….I think they are off.  Lucy’s Mom (Anne Hatheway) and I left them at the Greenville Airport and the plane should be in the air now.   We did get to see them go through Security and there were no arrests…….so we are hopeful all is well.  Casey had a ton of  camera, video and computer equipment – more even than on the England/Ireland trip – if you can imagine that.   He plans to post the video on YouTube and the photos will be here on Meanwhile, but in his Blog section.   Their traveling buddy Josh Carter will arrive in Australia tonight and he meets up with Mallory who has been there since last June.  Lucy and Casey arrive….as best as I can compute it….about 5 pm our time on Wednesday……but I still have to figure the time difference.   Patrick and Egan gave Casey a “Head Cam” for Christmas – which is a tiny Video camera that attaches to his helmet or goggles.  So – we will be able to see Real Live Action Videos!   Take a look at the first photos here and then look back later on Casey’s Blog for more photos and links to videos!   CLICK HERE!