i’m living in asheville now and it’s great, i enjoy being closer to the city, i do miss the woods but Pisgah is just a short drive away.   we have most of the furniture in and the house organized and decorated in an appropriate manner.  since coming back from FL i got to do some socializing, family bonding, paddling, biking, and shows as the Mason Jar Drinkers.  I have been playing more with those guys since the summer, we were asked to play a event in Pink Beds in Pisgah at the Woodsman Festivle.  Also, we played a wedding this past weekend in Cedar Mountain.  I did however get sick, i hate being sick, its the worst ever, i get grumpy i feel bad i can’t do anything and it sucks.  I’m getting over it now, mom says i had swine flu and i straight kicked it’s ass.  i’m still a little worn down but i went and paddled section 3 and 4 of the Chatooga , did the whole thing at 1.7 feet (with the exception of Soc em’ Dog because of a supposed log jam).  Hopfully i will feel up to a bike ride tomorrow and that will kick start my energy to come back and tell the flu to really get outa here.   Besides the outdoors and MJDs i saw Bassnectar and Heavyweight Dub Champion at the orange peel this week.  For Halloween i have a toga and pirate outfit lined up, Pretty Lights plays Friday and BTBAM does a CD release party on Halloween!  we will see what all i can manage to get into.  On top of all that I’m still working with Lucy and Josh planning this New Zealand Australia and Hawaii adventure i can not wait.  i will keep updating about the progress of the trip planning and other Casey worthy adventures.


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