Class of 1984, USC School of Law, 25th Year Reunion

Some things never change:  Drinks, dinner, trash-talk, story swapping,  good friends…….Law School Classmates from all over met this weekend in Charleston, SC to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.   We started with drinks on the roof top of  the Market Place Pavillion Hotel but some of us had the sense to stay downstairs were it was air-conditioned while the rest of the pack sweated on the roof.   Afterwards, a short hike to Carolinas Restaurant where we ate, drank, talked about people who were not in attendance, passed around photos of our gardens/dogs/cats/children/houses, reminded each other of who-had-done-what-with-&-to-who back when we were all young, foolish and still in school.

I was not able to stay for Saturdays events (roof leaking at Saluda House, kids, etc.) but it was wonderful to see everyone and remember the past.   A quote from Martial (the philosopher – not Rogol, who was not in attendance)  is in order here:

“The Present Joys of Life we doubly Taste by looking back with Pleasure on the Past.”  -Marcus Valerius Martialis-

Photos from Friday evening can be seen by clicking HERE!

NOTE:  The two Naughty Photos have been removed, saved and will be offered to the highest bidder!

BIDDING WAR:   While shooting photographs last night,  I accidentally, caught a member of our dinner party viewing a Naughty photo from a cell phone.   The photo, cell phone and the owner of said cell phone are clearly visible.   The next photo shows this person sharing the naughty photo with the person seated next to him/her.  Both are quite clearly delighted with said Naughty Photo.   Please submit your bids by e-mail.  And don’t even think about driving up to the mountains to fetch said photo since, remember, I have guns.