Hestia Oven & Demeter Cook Top history & photos

Several people have asked for photos and “how to” for the Dry Stack Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens and Cook Top.   We first built an Oven fall 2008.    She is named Hestia for the Greek Goddess of the Hearth.  Later, we  added a sister oven, which is a wood fired cook top.  She is named Demeter for the Greek Goddess of the Harvest.

The first series of photos are from the 1st attempt at building an oven.

CLICK HERE for the 1st Hestia Oven photos

This 2nd set of photos are from the addition of the Demeter Cook Top.  Also, the ovens worked so well that we added a roof to keep rain off, and enlarged the 1st Hestia to have a bigger cooking chamber.

CLICK HERE for the Additions to Hestia Oven and  Demeter Cook Top.

You can go to Patrick or Egan’s blog and see the 3rd sets of photos from the new Hestia at the Asheville house.  She is even larger than the Saluda Hestia and Demeter.   We have not added a cook top to the town Ovens yet but plan to do so later.    If you have any questions,  please send them to:

but it would be best to try and send an e-mail via the “comment” section of the main page to Meanwhile, Back in Saluda OR post them on the Wood Oven web site.  Thanks!