A new Hestia Oven

The boys built a new Outdoor Wood Fired Cook Oven last weekend.  It is larger than the first Hestia and they did not add a Demeter cook top oven yet.  That will come later.  They built it on the former Fish Pond site after neighbors, Paula and Claire, kindly adopted the Koi Fish so we did not have to eat the fish.  I am so totally not going to baby-sit someone else’s fish (abandoned here by former owners) that I announced they would be flushed down the toilet to become giant fish that would one day bite someone on the ass….but the boys talked the neighbors to adopting the fish.  No Fun.

Anyway….the new Hestia Oven is built but…is in the Fine-Tuning process.   Patrick wants to add a chimney this time and Egan wants to increase the inside heat so we can cook directly on the cook surface and not in pans.

Take a look at the photos here:  CLICK HERE!