I camped! I really camped!

To everyone who said I couldn’t camp alone….or I would not camp alone…well – I DID IT!   I arrived at Clifftop, West Virginia at Camp Washington Carver on Saturday afternoon, July 25th….and with the help of fellow campers, I got set up before the two major storms rolled through.  The canopy cooking tent held up fine but our “contraption rack” over the back of the car leaked and I had to re-work it Sunday, again with help from great Fellow Neighbor Campers.  There was music everywhere.  I walked and walked and listened to wonderful fiddlers, guitars….mandolins, all sorts of instruments.  It was just incredible.  The camping part was good too…I got the hang of it by Monday when Casey, Josh and Steve arrived.  I had to leave on Wednesday before the official festival opening but heard and saw enough to know I want to camp more and return to Clifftop next year too.   There are a few pictures….but, to be honest,  Blackberry Moonshine was involved one night and well….I forgot to put the camera memory chip in the camera!  But, here are a few photos:  CLICK HERE!