See you in the Tetons

I will go on and apologize for misspellings, bad grammar, and strange sentences.  We are all still very tired from the past few days. we got into Jackson Wyoming several days ago and crashed on a couch for two days while we played music downtown after their evening gun-show and gathered info on the climbs and mountains in the area.  After some great business playing music we headed to Teton national park and paid an entry fee to get into the mountains.  We camped at Shadow Mountain for two nights which is located outside of the park.  our first climb was going to be Symmetry Spire but a storm moved in that night.  Our alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. and it was still storming so we slept in.  The day cleared up fast and we got to climb some of the teton’s top-rope routes on Blacktail Butte.  we gathered more info, did a few hike ins to make sure we knew where we were going.  the next day we hiked the easiest of the 5 major climbs, Teewinot.  Teewinot took all day and it was an amazing climb, our first class 4 attempt.  we did well but it took a lot longer than we expected but we had good practice simul climbing and working on class 4 stuff.  after Teewinot we went to the Climber’s Ranch which is in the park grounds.  We shelled out 20$ a piece to stay but it was worth it, we had a library, Internet, showers, and a bunk to sleep on.  Josh cooked dinner while Steve and I used a borrowed bike the ranch offered to bike 5 1/2 miles to get beer and we only had 25 minutes to do so, we made it and rode back with some blonde ale.  we ate, slept, woke up, got permits, water, and started climbing to the Lower Saddle where we would sleep before summiting the grand.  the approach to the Grand was a very long, very steep 7 – 8 miles.  it took about 7 hours or so to get there and i had a horrible time since i became dehydrated.  but we made it, and went to sleep as soon as we could because our alarm was set for 4:30 a.m.  We started hiking after eating some oatmeal and the next 12 hours was spent hiking/climbing the Pezoldt route to the summit of the Grand Teton.  We made it to the top, descended, repelled, and packed up at the lower saddle around 9:30 p.m.  we decided to descend some more that night and hiked till 11:00 p.m. then crashed in the Petzoldt Caves.  we got down this afternoon, took a bath in a glacial lake (it was cold) and played music downtown and at a Mormon church cowboy and Indian party they were having.  now we are couch surfing again, enjoying a rest, playing more music and saving up for some fresh fruits and vegies.  now it is off to pennsylvania where we can pick up our boats and start playing in the water, more stops between here and there.  Oh yeah and i think Paul was on the mountain with us and helped us get up and more importantly helped us get down safely. so check out the amazing pictures

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