Jackson, Jackson

we made it to Wyoming and are currently setting up camp in jackson!  the trip out here was not bad it just took a long time and only once did we get lost (we went about 30 miles out of the way cause we missed a turn) but on the bright side we got to see the worlds largest antler arch! who else can say that?  we are couch surfing for two nights so we can be clean and close to downtown.  we are playing music in the square for the market in the morning then at night after the evening gunshow that takes place downtown.  we obtained some new rope, shoes, a guidebook, and are ready to go climb.  we are going to wait untill the conditions are better to look into tackling the grand.

Mt. hood was amazing and very cold, a lot colder than mt. shasta was.  but we made it, bad weather hit us at first, and we wound up taking shelter in a ski chair-lift hut until the weather cleared.  once the weather got better we had just enough time to summit, take a picture, then defend fast because visibility and wind got crazy.

here are some more pics of the adventure, beards, mt hood, a climbing area where the movie Twilight was filmed, and campsites. so check out the ADVENTURE!

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