here is a quick update from the past weekend.  we made it to Portland Oregon for a blues festival and the fourth of july.  we played the streets of portland for a few afternoons and evenings which earned us enough gas money to go on a bulk food shopping spree at Win-Co and still have enough to get permits for mt hood and gas to the tetons.  We couch surfed in protland and it has been one of the best stops along this trip.  cool people, good times, some celebrating, and music.  now we are at the base of mt hood doing research in order to climb it tomorrow, which means waking up at 12 and climbing by 1 this morning.  we will make camp soon, cook and pack, then sleep.  i will get pictures for this section up after we climb hood and find Internet again.  next stop the summit of Hood (11,000+ ft) then take our time sight seeing and getting to the tetons!

see you in the tetons…

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