Roam sweet Roam

Josh steven and i are in the Santa Cruz county library now looking for internet access (which we found) and last weeks issue of the Santa Cruz Sentinel.  They had their picture taken by one of their journalist and they are looking for pictures of themeless.

I got in to San Fran last night at 7 their time.  josh and steve found me in the baggage claim area where they greeted me with amazing beards, hugs, and a balloon shaped into a flower (they got it as a tip from a kid earlier).  We played luggage roulette since nobody could tell anyone on our flight exactly which carousel our luggage would arrive at.  We grabbed stuff finally and went to the car which was already crammed full with gear boxes, food, backpacks, a guitar, mandolin, kazoo, washboard, 3 short boards, a computer, some camera equipment, and legal documentation that josh and i are not criminals.

We are traveling for a few more days in the area, playing music, surfing, crashing on peoples floors and cooking on the side of the road.

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