Josh and papa Steve here I come

I’m now in the asheville airport trying to make sure the blog and picassa will work on my computer for the trip and all looks like it is downloading well.  i’m not sure when they will start letting people board the place but it leaves at 2:26 this afternoon,  i’ll go from Asheville to Charlotte where i will have an hour to get on the other flight that heads to San Francisco!  I have tons of gear ranging from  climbing gear, crampons, ice axe, sleeping bags, camera, spoons, suspenders, flask of jameson, expungment  forms and so on.  It is sad to be leaving home again since i’ve only been back for about a week but i’m also excited and anxious to start up this adventure.  Who knows where all we will wind up, where we will go, sleep, eat, party, explore,  there are a few locations set out for sure and that happens to be California to do some surfing and Wyoming to climb the Tetons.  other than those places we have the idea of adventuring to Oregon, Washington, maybe Canada (if they let us in).  ok it appears they are boarding now so until i find internet again.  Peace

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