last day in Ireland

well this is it, we made it through Ireland, everyone in the family is still alive and talking to each other.  now if we can just get everyone and everything on the plane and make it to Saluda. 

in the past few days we have been without internet so here is a catch up.  we drove through the areas of blessington and the landscape is amazing, lots of trees, rocks, and more mountains /hills.  We stumbled across a strange sculpture garden, the art was great but the guy who paid for it all was kind of crazy.  We ate some great food at the Ballymore Inn and it made up for the several bad meals we were subjected to.  Manon Kilbride was pretty and it was nice to be in a self serve house instead of a hotel for a while.  We wrapped the trip up with looking at another manor house today and then drove to Dublin so we could be closer to the airport. 

Here are some photos from the past week so click the smiley face 🙂

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