Too many dead people and so little time

On Sunday we went to about six cemetaries and churches to try and find our dead ancestors.  It was raining and windy but we did it.  We found a lot of dead Dowlings but only one set of Casey family.  We also had to write down notes since the moss and fungi were over the stones and we did not think we should be scraping it all off.  We took a lot of photos (Aunt Mary Etta – I am not posting all the photos since there are too many.  I have a disk for you when we get to the airport.)  and it was interesting.  Finally,  Dad found a list of phone numbers and addresses where people can write and find out what they need to know and so he said he will write them now.  It was interesting.   CLICK HERE to see just a few of the photos.   By the way, we have now taken over 12,000 photos!

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