We are ready to come home!

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Ready to come home to Saluda!

Today we all admitted we are ready to go home.   The trip has been great and we are still having fun but it is time to go home.  Food has been a bigger challenge this trip.  Other changes are clearly showing that the economic downturn has hit world wide.  Stores are closed, events cancelled, hours shorter.  Little things like soaps or shampoos no longer left in hotel rooms,  water not served with meals unless you pay extra for it, plastic bags now cost 45 Euro in all stores.  We have not seen many construction sites working unlike in 2006 when there seemed to be a lot of new work going on.  We have seen stores and communities where we saw new construction back in 2006 now stopped and the work not finished.  Food prices and restaurant prices are much higher.  We were still able to find food and things to do, places we needed to go but a new tourist to Ireland might have trouble this year or find it disappointing.

We are tired, our clothes dirty, suitcases piled with saved up treasures (and Rocks) and we miss our Dogs/Cats and our own beds.  I want to drink nice clean Saluda spring water right from my own well.  Egan wants organic strawberries straight from his own garden.  Patrick wants his own blackberries.  Casey is looking forward to his flight out to California to meet friends and do dangerous things without me yelling in fear.  Danny needs to get back to Charleston for work and Aikido classes.

This has been a “once in a lifetime” trip and we are all thankful for it.  We are ready to get home, get back to our lives and schedules……and start looking at maps and web sites for our next Great Adventure.

CLICK HERE for a few photos from June 14th.