Manor Kilbride Cottages in Blessington, Ireland

Egan’s notes from June 12, 2009

Manor Kilbride in Blessington, County Wicklow, Ireland

This place has the worst beds in Ireland.  I slept so bad last night that I woke people up when I tried to fix my bed and it hit the wall.  The beds are hard as rocks and it was damp and we had some clothes on racks to dry and that messed it up too since it made water even on the windows.  We tried to hang the clothes on the radiators but it was too wet in here and they would not dry.  This house does not have a dryer and so we have to hang wet clothes all over the place to get them dry.  They cannot go outside since it rains.

I have to get some sleep and so  I am going to get all the cushions off the couch and put them on my bed tonight and see if that will help.  When I get home to my Saluda bed, then I am going to sleep all day.

On Saturday night, Casey went to go job some trails on the property but he came back to get us and show us deer.  They were right in the front yard of the Manor  House.  They did not run until I tried to get close and then they ran off.  We have built fires in the fireplace of the house.  They use wood to burn here and not the peat.  I like the peat fires but it does smell funny.  But here they have wood and so we have wood fires.

This house has walls that are 2 feet thick.  I am not kidding. It is an old barn building for the Manor and it used to be the Blacksmith’s shop.  The walls are stone and where the windows are you can tell it is 2 feet thick.  The bathroom has a shower made out of brick and it has a wall pump to make a shower.

Today I got to rock climb some more and rock climb in a creek too.  It was fun.  Mom did not scream too much.  We all had a talk and made a deal to try and keep her from being scared we would fall to our deaths off rocks.  Casey only ran off two times today.  But we found him faster since we have figured it out that if we just start yelling “CASEY CASEY” then he will come faster so we will be quiet.

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