Driving the Sally Gap Road in County Wicklow, Ireland

Saturday, June 13, 2009
Driving the Sally Gap Road:

Today we set off just driving to see what we could see.  We took a road called the “Sally Gap Road” which is a Gap through the Wicklow Mountains.   It was stunning.  I was driving and kept repeating “This is so pretty – somebody take a picture!”   and then “This is awesome – somebody take a picture!”  Casey and Patrick were both shooting photos from the back seat,  Danny had another camera from the front seat.  Sometimes the days you do not plan are the best.  Things you could not have expected can top anything you found in a brochure.  We stopped at a little stone bridge and the boys walked beside a rumbling stream to take photos.  We also found abandoned shirts, pants and three pair of tennis shoes which we took to mean that someone either had “too much fun” and left their clothes behind or someone was having “too much fun” and got ran off so fast they had to leave the clothes behind!  We drove further on the Sally Gap Road and found a nice Organic market right in the middle of nowhere.  Egan was able to find organic pears and a peach!  It was the first batch of fruit he has been able to eat since we left home.  We also found good homemade pesto, breads, pastry, olives with garlic and dolma’s – all homemade and all really good.  We ate in the car looking over a cliff.  Then we drove into the Wicklow Mountains and stopped at the ruins of a village.  It was awesome.  We were able to climb over the ruins, over old stone walls, in the creek beds, search through the ruins of stone houses and Patrick found a cave in the stones.  Egan and Casey both did some bouldering.  It was a great surprise and nice to be outside just hiking, climbing and enjoying the scenery.  CLICK HERE to see the photos from this day.