Walking Near Trim Castle

June 11, 2009  Thursday

A dog that fetches Rocks:
Today we saw a Golden Retriever Dog that fetched rocks.  Not just a small rock either, he could fetch rocks as big as a brick!  He was down by the river Boyne in the city Trim and his Master would get a rock and toss it out in the river, the dog would go and try to find the same rock!  Even if he could not get the same rock, he would still use his paws and roll a rock over and then dunk his head under the water and get the rock in his mouth.  His Master said the dog learned it on his own after he got bored with sticks.  The dog kept fetching rocks out of the river and dumping them on the grass for over an hour!  It was funny.  You can see some of the pictures from our walk near Trim Castle and the River Boyne and near the old Church if you CLICK HERE.