Newgrange Tomb

Yesterday we went to Newgrange Tomb, a stone age burial site.  It is a passage Tomb over 5000 years old.  It is older than the pyramids in Egypt.  There is a mound now covered with dirt and grass but they think that at one time the whole mound was stone,  similar to the stone pyramids only round and not the pyramid shape.  We were able to take a guided tour and go into the Tomb.  Mom did not go since she is claustrophobic and you had to bend down and at one point even twist yourself sideways to get into the Tomb.  There are carvings in some of the stones, outside and inside and also graffiti from Tomb theives throughout time.  Outside we were able to see a smaller stone Tomb that  did not have the dirt over it and over in a sheep pasture there were two more grass & dirt Tomb mounds that have not even been explored yet.  The sheep just graze and walk all over the 5000 year old Tombs.  At the top over the door into the largest Tomb is an opening they called a Roof Box.  It looks like a window and at the Winter Soltise on Dec. 21st or thereabouts the light goes through that window, down the Passage and light creeps up to the place where the bodies were placed.  There were no bodies or treasure in this Tomb since Robbers took it  years ago before the Irish people knew to protect it.  We were able to apply to be present at the Solise this year.  They get over 35,000 applications each year but only 50 people are accepted to see the Light.  They can each bring only one friend.  All five of us applied but we have an agreement that Casey will be the person to come.   I thought it was very interesting and enjoyed it.   CLICK HERE to see some of the photos from the Newgrange Passage Tomb.


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