Double Rainbows last night

Wed. June 10, 2009

Last night  there was a big rain and we saw men out on the golf course playing in the hard pouring rain.  One of them even made good shots in the rain.   Then, it rained so hard that even the last three men had the sense to stop playing golf.

On the way to dinner,  at the worst place in Ireland, I saw two rainbows and asked Dad to stop the car.  One of the rainbows was the biggest one I have ever seen and my parents said it was the widest and biggest one they have ever seen too.   We took photos and I am glad we stopped since the rainbow began to fade even while we were taking photos.   It was beautiful and the best rainbow I have ever seen.   The best sunset I have ever seen was one time we were driving home from visiting Grandma Beck and the sunset from over Atlanta was the best.   But this is the best rainbow.    CLICK HERE to see my Rainbow pictures.