The worst restaurant in Ireland

Wednesday, June 10th

Tonight we went to the worst restaurant in Ireland.  It was called “Franzini O’Brien” and it was horrible.  It was so bad that we left without eating all of it and we went to the Bar at the hotel to eat.  The “Franzini”  was suggested by some people but my Mom did not trust them and so she went in there first and asked a woman server person if the food was cooked right there in the kitchen or if they shipped in frozen food and they girl lied and told Mom that they made all the food homemade.  Then,  my Mom asked if they grated the parmesan cheese from a chunk and the girl fibbed and told her they did.  I have learned that if the parmesan cheese is from powder then I should not eat it and probably would not want to eat it and I can tell if the food will be bad if they only have powdered up parmesan cheese.  We went in the Franzini’s since the girl told Mom they cooked the food but when the first food came out,   Mom said it was nasty and she had a fit.  I did not pay much attention since Mom won’t eat a lot of thing but then Casey said he could not eat his food either and when he said that then I knew my pizza would be bad too.  Then the worst part was that my Dad said he was not going to eat it and for us to all go to the car and he would pay.  Dad will eat most any food and so I knew I better run to the car and be quiet.   On her way out my Mom could not resist herself and she told the girl that the food was not homemade and it was frozen junk.  Anyway, we drove back and ate at the Bar in the hotel and they make the best crispy potato wedges and I ate raspberry sorbet and a coke.  Mom did not notice that it was my 2nd coke of the day since she had the biggest martini I ever saw.  I know how to make her martini at  home but this one was 3 times as big.  I did not say one word.  When she is mad and it is worse if she is hungry, then I know to just be quiet and wait.

Today we went to Northern Ireland but I did not see any difference and it was boring in the car.  We did see a 5,000 year old Tomb that is older than the pyramids.   It was awesome.  I will post pictures about that later.  Mom could not go in there since she cannot breathe in tight places but I went in there and it was nice but they would not let me climb on anything so that was that.   Here is the worst Restaurant in Ireland: