Trim Castle, County Meath, Ireland

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
City of Trim, County Meath, Ireland

We have lucked up again and the Dublin Tourist Information Office found us rooms at
another fancy hotel but at rock-bottom-prices! Seems the recession has hit hotels here
hard and the Tourist Board is able to get deals to help fill up rooms! The boys are all in
one room this time with three beds and two couches! Egan said he plans to jump from
bed to bed to couch to couch and back to bed….later tonight. Danny told him NO!
There are already photos to prove another such stunt in Dublin. This Hotel has a pool
and so Danny and Casey took Egan down to see if they can run some energy out of him.
Patrick and I are charging camera batteries and updating photo saving.

This afternoon we toured Trim Castle, in the city of Trim. This Castle was started in
1172, added on, some burned, some fell in, re-built, added on some more…..and much of
it remains. It is classified as a “Ruin” but you can go up in it (they built very safe walk
ways and have ropes to hold going up the stone steps) and you can still see where floors
used to be, toilets, rain water collection systems, septic disposals, cupboards in the walls,
and even a Chapel with holy-water vessels carved into the stones. There is even a “River
Gate” where they diverted water under one section so boats could be let in to bring
supplies and yet it had huge heavy gates to keep people out if they wanted them out. You
can walk down into the lower area where you are supposed to look and then leave by
going back up the steps you came down to begin with…..but that did not suit Egan. HE
climbed OUT a stone window opening, through the metal bars, climbed UP the outside
dirt mounds …hanging out over the River…then he climbed back up to where he should
have been….all the while shouting very loudly “HEY MOM COME TAKE A PICTURE
OF THIS!” No alarms went off this time and so we took his photo and told him to get
down. We took the whole tour including the inside. Part of this tour had us climb tiny
stone steps, going up and to the top of the Castle. Along the way Egan decided to hang
his head over the railing to “see” which caused me to shout “EGAN!” which was heard
by everyone on the tour including the Tour Guide….who did not pay one bit of attention
to my cry! Egan, on the other hand, was furious with me ….but I hope he will be OK
now that he is in the swimming pool at the hotel. Many sins and grievances can be
washed away in a swimming pool. The climb to the top of the Castle made me so scared
that I had to give the camera to Patrick for him to finish the photos!

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