The Walk of Tara, County Meath, Ireland

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
County Meath, Ireland

Today we left Dublin and I drove! I did not hit any other cars, did not get a ticket, we
found our way out fairly quickly with only about 4 minutes of nasty-comments-snide-
remarks. That is an improvement. People did honk the horn at me and one guy flipped
me the “bird finger” but…again….that is an improvement. People drive like maniacs
here. They drive FAST and all over the road….and swerve in and out….and honk the
horn a lot.

In any case…we made it out of Dublin and drove North to County Meath. Along the
way we stopped at the Ancient site of Tara where in pre-history times the Kings of
Ireland were crowned and approved by the Earth Goddess Mother Maeve. Tara is said to
be the door to the Otherworld and is a sacred site of Druids and some Earth based Faiths.
It is a sacred place to those who practice ancient Celtic traditions as well.

All the Earth based traditions and rituals royally pissed off Saint Patrick when he came
here in 433 AD and tried to light a fire on top of Tara (the earth mound sacred site) but
the Druids put a stop to it and ran him off. This was during the dark season and no fires
were to be lit up there at that holy time. Not to be outdone, Saint Patrick went to the next
town over and rounded up some newly Christian’ed folks and built a huge fire to saber-
rattle at the Druids.

It felt odd to be standing on ground where so many historic events occurred and to know
that the bodies of some lay just beneath our feet. It was also odd that here, like at
Stonehenge, sheep and cows graze and poop all over the place….right beside the sacred
stones and poop all around the sacred hill-mounds. Maybe it is “natural” and part of the
scenery…but I still find it odd.

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