Cramming a car full…and then Fuller!

June 9, 2009
Cramming a car full…and then Fuller!

We each have one back-pack style suitcase. That equals five back-packs. Then, we each
have a camera bag and / or a brief case type computer bag. Next, we have two soft sided
gym type bags: one full of jackets and extra shoes and the other full of dirty clothes and
saved up little soaps and shampoos needed for the Self-Catering Cottages. In case that
were not enough, we then have a huge full size hard suit case that holds books, tourist
brochures, maps, items confiscated from Egan, disks for burning photos onto, and “this
and that” we pick up along the way…like say…Rocks from Salisbury, England or say…
.Rocks from Clifden…. And more Rocks from Croagh Patrick.

And….just in case that is not enough… we have two tote bags full of snacks, water
bottles, toilet paper, tissues and saved up food from the breakfast tables. So – about 15
bags of one sort or the other. The car we rented is what they call a “full size van” over
here……it is what we call a “soccer Mom” type van. We barely fit in there. One goal
tomorrow is to see why all this stuff has swollen to un-manageable proportions and
flatten it back in shape.

I am blaming some of the massive growth of Stuff on the five big baggies (3 and 5 gallon
size EACH – the giant type baggie that might hold a small dog or a cat) that Casey has
been using to “save up” items he plans to use on the California/Wyoming/Colorado trip
later this summer.

We fly back to the States on June 17th and Casey leaves to fly to California on June 24th
He is meeting two friends in San Francisco, then driving to Wyoming to mountain climb,
camp, etc. and will not return home until late August. Casey says they will be “dirt
bagging it” which means they will be short on cash but long on Fun and Adventure.
Since the hotels here have been leaving too many soaps, shampoos, little tea bags and
tiny sugar bags, salts, lotions, sewing kits, tiny bags of cookies, coffee….then Casey has
been “saving” it all up to take on his trip out West! That means we are hauling soap and
little tea bags all around Ireland, then flying it across the Atlantic Ocean, THEN it goes
back on an airplane and gets flown across the United States for Casey and his friends to
use while they are “dirt bagging it.” Danny offered to give Casey $50.00 to buy the
same items later but Casey declined saying it has to be “free stuff” and “collected up” to
save for later use. Somewhere in the Universe, we heard Ganki laughing out loud!

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