This is how airport security works…..

May 20th

I am back tracking today.  Catching up on old posts.  When we went through airport security at the Atlanta airport, guess who and what got pulled aside and searched?  No….. not Casey with all his tatoos and piercing plus his 60 pound back pack.  No…..not Patrick with his long hair and brief case with two computers.  No…..not Danny with his beard and backpack.   And it most certainly would not be me!  It was little Egan!  Yes, blonde hair, fair skin, 11 year old Egan and his Game Boy!   It was outrageous.  I have read about this sort of thing, seem silly things on TV where the security guards terrorize some Grandma, and heard about the “profiling” but when it happens to us….it just makes it all the more real.    We had checked in the larger luggage and then we were going through the scanners and putting the bags on the xray machines, going through the metal detectors (yes – I had threatened all three boys they better leave knives and metal flashlights at home).   Casey, Patrick and I went through, then Egan tried to go through and they stopped little Egan and the stupid Airport Security Woman took Egan over to the side and began to question him – HIM = LITTLE EGAN…..I tried to go over and another woman security guard snarled at me and said for me to get back over the line.  Danny had gone  through the metal detector by then and he tried to go over.  At first they said no, but Danny said please and they let him go over.  The woman was trying to OPEN UP THE GAMEBOY toy!   Yes, indeed ladies and gentlemen,  you should certainly feel much safer knowing that the Atlanta Airport Security women were trying to open up the back of a Game Boys toy.  I was furious.  Egan was scared at first and then mad since he thought they were about the break the toy he had worked hard to earn money and buy!   Those foolish women horsed around with Egan’s Game Boy for what seemed like at least 10  minutes.  All that time, I saw all sorts of more suspicious people just a’ streaming through that metal machine and just a’ going on down the line….while the security women just kept on playing around with Egan!  It was one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life.  And, the worst part is I could not say anything or they could have kept us off the plane, or broke the Game Boy or arrested me….or God Knows What….it just just stupid but also infuriating….but in hindsight, it is also scary.  An 11 year old boys should not have to be intimidated by stupidity at the airport and no family should have to stand there helpless to put a stop to stupidity.  Danny was able to smooth talk the women,  who then “chatted up” Danny……and all the while….people were streaming through that check point without a second glance.   We got on our way but what about all the people who get stopped for other foolish reasons….and worst of all…what about the bad people or things that  get through while some stupid airport security guard is playing around with an 11 year old’s toy?   CICK HERE to see photos from that episode.